Singapore Attractions Tickets Deal

Self-collect your Singapore attractions tickets and save 10-30% in discount of your total tickets purchase. We will package the various attractions in a way that would save you a big amount of money. That's to say you have to buy at least three different attractions tickets to enjoy the discount, the more tickets you purchase, the more discount you will get.

Submit your order now and pay later when you collect your tickets while you are in Singapore. No credit card is required and we accept only cash payment. No worry about cancellation as we don't charge you on placing an order.

We market most of the popular Singapore attractions tickets here, though not all of them.

Why our deal is better?

Most travellers buy 5 to 10 different attractions tickets when they visit Singapore. If you were to purchase these tickets online at the respective sites, it would be quite tedious and time consuming. Besides, you are not allow to cancel the booking once you have completed the online purchase. 

The other thing you might not aware is that each online transaction incurred extra charges by credit card company which gives a lower exchange rate when converting your country currency to Singapore dollars. 

You won't face the above problems if you deal with us. Further more, our rates are better off as we package a few Singapore attractions tickets together and manage to get a great discount. 

How much can you save from the package deal?

For a family of 2 adults and 2 children ( 3-12 years old), if this family plan to visit the following 3 attractions in Singapore: Singapore River Cruise (Retail Price S$24/Adult, S$15/child) , two ways Cable Car ride (Retail Price S$29/Adult, S$18/child) and Underwater World Singapore & Dolphin Lagoon (Retail Price S$29.90/Adult, S$20.60/child), the total cost is S$273.

To buy as a package deal for the above 12 tickets would cost you only S$186, you save S$87.

How to purchase and collect your tickets?

First, check out our list of Singapore attractions which are eligible for discount. Then, fill out the Ticket's Form by ticking those attractions tickets which you intend to buy. Finally, click on the submit button to place your order.

By the next working day, you will receive an email from us showing you the total price of the package deal and how to collect your tickets. Of course, that's only possible when you are already in Singapore. Upon your arrival in Singapore, just give us a call and one of my partners will meet up with you at Chinatown MRT station to pass the tickets to you and at the same time collect payment from you. 

Singapore Attractions Eligible for the Pacakge Deal

To find out the ticket prices for the following attractions in Singapore, please click on the respective links below for the retail or official prices (before discounted prices). 

A. Unique Attractions

  1. Singapore River Cruise
  2. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
  3. Two Ways  Cable Car Ride (include Island Admission)

Singapore River Cruise

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

B. Wildlife Parks

  1. Singapore Zoo (include tram ride)
  2. River Safari (include boat ride)
  3. Jurong Bird Park

Giant Panda, River Safari

Jurong Bird Park

C. Newest Attractions

  1. Madame Tussauds Singapore
  2. S.E.A. Aquarium
  3. Adventure Cove Waterpark
  4. TrickEye Museum

D. Sentosa Island Attractions

  1. Universal Studios Singapore
  2. Luge and Skyride
  3. Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (3 choose 1)
  4. Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (Unlimited rides)
  5. Wings of Time

Sentosa Luge and Skyride

Jelly Fish, Sentosa Underwater World

E. Marina Bay

  1. DUCKTour
  2. HIPPO City Sightseeing Tour
  3. Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Attractions Tickets Deal FAQs

1. What are the benefits of our deal?

  • Great discounts from 10-35% of total tickets cost. 
  • No credit or debit cards required for ordering the deal. You only make payment when you collect the tickets while you are in Singapore.  
  • Save lots of time. No need to queue up to buy tickets at the various attractions ticketing counters or wonder how to make purchase on the various attraction's websites. You just select the attractions in our ticket's form and they will be ready at your hand when you arrive in Singapore. 
  • If you don't know how to get to the various attractions, we will show you the directions of getting there so you won't have any difficulty in getting to all those attractions. 
  • We give you good advice on some of the attractions which need special attention like the DUCKTour which required advance booking. 
  • We can help in planning your tour itinerary upon your request. 
  • No worry on last minute cancellation as we don't charge you for cancellation fees. 

2. The following questions are likely the very first few questions visitors will be asking. One of my visitor Maria from India, asked me few questions which most visitors would like to know before order the deal. 

The following are my answers to her questions:

i. can you send us a picture of at least one of your passes, are these the iventure passes?

Our tickets deal is not the iVenture passes. The below photo shows our tickets of Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Gardens by the Bay. 

ii. how will you prove these passes are not fake and that i'm not being conned ...

- Will the tickets be fake? 

This is probably the very first question most of the visitors will be asking. Carol, like many of these visitors, asked me this question before she confirmed the deal with me. I do understand her concern as the discounts the deal is given are too attractive. By looking at the below photo which I had taken with Carol at her hotel (Fragrance Emerald) lobby, I hope I have answered your question. Carol with her son and four other friends from Philippines bought a deal with us worth S$695 for 30 adult tickets and 6 child tickets. It's really who you are dealing with. 

- Can you show me proof that this is not a scam?

You can take a photo of my partner Tony when you are collecting tickets from him. If we are doing something illegal, you can show his photo to any police stations in Singapore and there's no way we can run away. If that's not good enough, snap a photo of his Singapore Identity Card and I can guarantee you he won't let you have it if he's cheating on you. 

iii. this is simply because your payment method is in cash with nearly no Bill/proof of the transaction in case something goes wrong...

We can provide you a receipt upon request with the company stamp. 

iv. apart from this i read your not a licensed seller...

Yes, I'm not a licensed seller (I don't have to, I'm just a referral. I refer visitors from my travel site to my business partner) but Tony's company is a license travel agency in Singapore approved by the Singapore tourism board. That's why you are dealing directly with him and I don't collect any payment from you. 

v. will that cause any problems with the law etc...

No problem at all. We are doing legal business in Singapore. As you know, Singapore laws are very strict and Singapore Tourism Board takes it very seriously for tourist's complains. We can't cheat tourists many times, one complain and we will be put under criminal investigation. 

3. Are the rates the same as I would get online on the sites of various attractions? If not and they are cheaper, is there a reason for this?

The rates you get from us as a packaged deal (3 or more different attractions to be qualified as a packaged deal) is very attractive. Generally, it's much cheaper than if you were to buy one by one at the respective attraction's sites. Why our deals are cheaper, the reasons are as follow:

i. Our business partner buy the tickets in bulk for a great discount. 

ii. We accept only cash payment. For that reason, we save some cost on transaction charges imposed on credit card or debit card payment.

iii. All buyers have to self-collect their tickets when they are in Singapore, so we save on delivery cost.

4. I had Compared the price you had given us and it was really low ...

You considered yourself the lucky ones if you found us. We had many visitors got the deals from us thank us for that. 

5. Are you a registered travel agent in Singapore?

I'm not a registered travel agent in Singapore, but my business partner is an authorised reseller of the attraction tickets which we are marketing. We have been dealt with many happy customers from many countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines etc. So far, we do not receive any negative feedback. Rest assured that all the tickets you bought from us are issued by the respective attractions ticketing offices. 

6. Can we purchase just one or two attractions tickets?

Our ticket's partner give the best discount price with minimum of 3 different attractions in a package. As such, we require you to buy at least 3 attractions in a deal. 

7. Can we have a break down price for all the attractions tickets?

We sold all tickets in a package deal in order to get you the best price.  Our ticket's partner don't sell ticket as per attraction, that's why we can't break down on individual ticket price. 

8. Is there any validity or specific dates on the tickets?

You may use the tickets on any dates or days as you like. However, most attractions tickets are valid for only one to three months. We don't advise you to buy any tickets earlier than one month.  

9. Can everything be paid to you in Singapore?

Yes, you can. You are only allowed to pay in cash and in Singapore dollars. We don't accept other forms of payment. You only pay us when you collect the tickets from us when you are in Singapore. Once you confirmed your order, we will email you our partner's handphone number so you can get in touch with him. 

10. Can I collect the tickets at the airport or hotel?

No. You have to collect the tickets at Chinatown MRT station Exit C gate as our office is in Chinatown. This is to save cost on delivery. 

Deal's Testimonial

1. Carol Fernandez from Philiphine 

Date: 26 August 2015, 18:46

Hi Derek!

We consumed all the tickets that I have requested. Thank you so much for your kind and consideration to the situation which I become doubtful  because it was my first time to deal to the person involving a huge amount of money (for me) I have not yet met. The last time I was in Singapore was a group package tour. I was impressed with you to deliver the tickets in our hotel and issued me a receipt. Next time, I visit your country I will directly contact you and also I recommend you to my other office mates whenever they want a discount tickets for other attractions. Again, my appreciation for your good gestures to me. Bless you always and your family! I will save your gmail ID for future references.

Carol Fernandez

2. Salmon Butt from Pakistan

Date: 26 October 2015, 20:18

Hi Derek,

I just finished my singapore tour and i would like to thank you for those tickets and information which you gave me prior to my visit. It was a wonderful visit and i would be coming back in future.

Your ticket arrangements and suggestion were great and i enjoyed a lot.

thanks again.


Salman Butt

3. Mukul from India

Date: 22-25 Nov 2015

Mukul was referred to me from his friend who had purchased a deal from me. The following is a feedback which Mukul made in his email to me:

Hi dear Friend,

One of my friend will also mail you for your assitance and services. His name is Kapil Bhat. I hope to look forward to meeting you in Singapore. Keep up the good work.



The following are the finalised attractions for his deal: Singapore Flyer, Singapore River Cruise, Universal Studios Singapore, Wings of Time, Two Ways Cable Car, Sentosa Luge and Skyride, Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (3 Choose 1), Underwater World Singapore & Dolphin Lagoon, HIPPO City Sightseeing Tour, Gardens by the Bay, Ducktour. 

The total cost of his deal for 11 attractions is S$526 for 2 adults, total of 22 adult tickets. 

4. Kapil from India

Date: 15 to 17 Dec 2015

Kapil was referred to me from his friend Mukul whom purchased a deal from me in Nov 2016. The following is a feedback which Kapil made in his email to me:

Thx a lot Derek .

Trip went off great courtesy you.

Will recommend you to my friends. 

The following are the finalised attractions for his deal: Garden by the bay, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios Singapore(USS), Wings of Time, Two Ways Cable Car, Sentosa Luge and Skyride, Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (3 Choose 1), Underwater World Singapore & Dolphin Lagoon.

The total cost of his deal for 8 attractions is S$517 for 2 adults and 1 child, total of 16 adult tickets and 8 child tickets.

5. Sunil from India

Date: 20 to 25 Dec 2015

Sunil came here for a 6 days holidays from 20 to 25 Dec 2015. He purchased from us the below deal which costed S$1125 for his family of 2 adults and 2 children. The following are the finalised attractions for his deal: Two Ways Cable Car (include Island Admission), Universal Studios Singapore, Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore Live Combo, Marina Bay Sands Skypark, S.E.A. Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Wings of Time, Gardens by the Bay (include Flower Dome and Cloud Forest entrance tickets), DUCKTour, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoo (include tram ride), Jurong Bird Park. 

The total cost of his deal for 12 attractions is S$1125 for 2 adults and 2 child, total of 24 adult tickets and 24 child tickets.

6. Suresh Mani from India

Date: 6 to 13 Feb 2016

Hi Derek,

Thank you for all the tickets and arrangements. We all enjoyed the trip very much.

I have recommended your website to some of my friends who are planning to visit Singapore in near future.


The following are the finalised attractions for his deal: 

Two Ways Cable Car, Universal Studios Singapore(USS), Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (unlimited), Sentosa Luge and Skyride, Underwater World Singapore & Dolphin Lagoon, Marina Bay Sands Skypark, SEA Aquarium, TrickEye Museum, Wings of Time, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, National Orchid Garden (in Singapore Botanic Gardens). 

The total cost of this deal for 15 attractions is S$923 for 2 adults and 1 child, total of 30 adult tickets and 14 child tickets. 

7. Arin Patel from India

Date: 21 to 27 Mar 2016

Hi derek

Finished some of the rides. It was all good....thank u for the tickets and it was good I trusted u for this and will recommend this to everyone I can.....


The following are the finalised attractions for his deal: Two Ways Cable Car (include island admission), Universal Studios Singapore(USS), Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (3 choose 1), Sentosa Luge and Skyride, Madame Tussauds Singapore and Images of Singapore Live Combo, Underwater World Singapore & Dolphin Lagoon, Marina Bay Sands Skypark, SEA Aquarium, TrickEye Museum, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Wings of Time, Hippo City Sightseeing Tour, Gardens by the Bay (include Flower Dome & Cloud Forest entrance tickets), DuckTour, Singapore River Cruise, Singapore Zoo (include tram ride), River Safari (include boat ride), Jurong Bird Park (include tram ride), National Orchid Garden (in Singapore Botanic Gardens), Alive Museum.

The total cost of his deal for 20 attractions is S$1203 for 2 adults and 1 child, total of 40 adult tickets and 19 child tickets.

8. Sarah from Philiphine

Date: 18 to 19 Apr 2016

Like many visitors, Sarah was sceptical about our deal in the beginning. As she has a 82 years old grandmother in her group, she wanted to make sure that her trip would be well taken care of. As such, we had help to answer many of her questions and clear most of her doubts, all through emails.

It's really hard for us to convince people that we are reliable as my partner's tour company is small and not well known. We are glad to show you that Sarah, like many of our happy customers was very satisfied with our services. We received the following email from her during and after her trip which shown her grateful to us:

Dated: 19 Feb 2016

Hi Derek

Thank you for a hassle free transaction. Even though my family has seen your country a tidbit but my grandmother loves everything.

Highly recommended.

Again thank you

Sarah Kate

Dated: 24 Apr 2016

Yes. grandmother has good time at flowerdome. she loves the flowers so much. she  has been to europe, us and canada but she says singapore though small country but everything is organized. that was my 4th time visiting your country and my first time using travel company-and im glad i have found your website. my sisters had fun in everything.

Hope you can help us in the future when we come back in your country, we will do safari n other things:)

We sincerely thank Sarah for her kindness to share her family photos with all our visitors to testify that we are reliable.

The following are the products and services which Sarah had purchased from us:

1. Tickets Deal

The following are the finalised attractions for her deal: Universal Studios Singapore(USS), SEA Aquarium and Gardens by the Bay.

The total cost of her deal for 3 attractions is S$520 for 5 adults, total of 15 adult tickets.

2. Transport Deal

Total of 4 transfer (or pickups): S$220 ($55 per transfer)

Transfer 1: April 18, Monday 

Hotel to Universal Studios at 8.30am

Transfer 2: April 18, Monday

Universal Studios to Hotel at 6pm

Transfer 3: April 19, Tuesday

Hotel to Flower dome at 11am

Transfer 4: April 19, Tuesday

Flower dome to Airport at 3.30pm

Buy Singapore Attractions Tickets as a Package Deal

Please fill out the below form with at least three attractions (why three attractions?) or more under the option 'Pick your own attractions' and we will send you a free quotation based on your needs by the next working day.

You may also choose any one or more days from the options Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 or Day 6. We will then compute and send you the total amount of the deal.

All the attractions tickets are valid for at least a month, some as long as 3 months. You may use the tickets on any dates so long as not to exceed the expiry date.

All the below deals only provide you with entrance tickets to the above attractions. It does not include transport and tourist guide. You have to go about the above attractions on your own. 

Singapore Attractions Tickets Deal Enquiry Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
Morning and afternoon: Two Ways Cable Car (include Island Admission), Universal Studios Singapore; Night: Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (3 choose 1); Price: S$97/Adult, S$73/Child
Morning: Sentosa Luge and Skyride; Afternoon: Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore Live Combo; Night: Marina Bay Sands Skypark; Price: S$56/Adult, S$47/Child
Morning: SEA Aquarium; Afternoon: TrickEye Museum, Adventure Cove Waterpark; Night: Wings of Time; Price: S$82/Adult, S$62/Child
Morning: Hippo City Sightseeing Tour, Gardens by the Bay (include Flower Dome and Cloud Forest entrance tickets); Afternoon: DuckTour; Night: Singapore River Cruise; Price: S$101/Adult, S$76/Child
Morning: Singapore Zoo (include tram ride); Afternoon: River Safari (include boat ride); Price: S$51/Adult, S$33/Child
Two Ways Cable Car (include Island Admission)
Universal Studios Singapore
Sentosa 4D Adventure Land (3 choose 1)
Sentosa Luge and Skyride
Madame Tussauds and Images of Singapore Live Combo
Marina Bay Sands Skypark
S.E.A. Aquarium
TrickEye Museum
Adventure Cove Waterpark
Wings of Time
HIPPO City Sightseeing Tour
Gardens by the Bay (include Flower Dome and Cloud Forest entrance tickets)
Singapore River Cruise
Singapore Zoo (include tram ride)
River Safari (include boat ride)
Jurong Bird Park (include tram ride)

Please enter the word that you see below.


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