National Orchid Garden

A Hidden Gem within Singapore Botanic Gardens

The National Orchid Garden is the largest display of orchids in the world. Come here to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and diversity of orchids.

Personally, I'm not fascinated about flowers or to be more specific orchids. But the moment I step into the garden, I was awed by the beauty of the various types of orchids.

You won't want to leave this place without taking lots of photos. So, be prepared to stay here longer than you would have planned for. Get a Map of the Orchid Garden.

National Orchid Garden

The following are some of the attractions you should visit, the most impressive of all is the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House.

Tan Hoon Siang Mist House

Set against a backdrop of botanical décor, amidst lush greenery and beautiful displays of rare Orchids from different parts of the world, the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House is a must-see highlight of the orchid garden.

Yuen- Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection

Bringing some Central and South America across the globe, right into the grounds of the orchid garden, visitors will be excited to see the array of over 300 species and 500 different hybrids of exotic and unusual plants here.

Cool House

The Cool House within the orchid garden is dressed to look like a tropical forest where beauty is defined by nature. Here, you'll see a vast display or orchids and carnivorous plants surrounded by cool misty air that sweeps through the entire area, giving it a realistic experience not to be forgotten!

Cool House

Celebrity Orchid Garden


The Orchidarium is another must-see of the orchid garden, where visitors get to admire a spectrum of wild orchids. And although they may not be your typical cultivated orchids that are pretty and free-flowering, these wild blooming ones are the real deal - uniquely delicate and intricate.

VIP Orchid Garden

The VIP Orchid Garden is a truly dignified feature of the Orchid Garden. The reason for its rather interesting title lies in the collection of hybrids, which have been named after internationally renowned VIPs, who have stepped foot and made their mark on the ground of this tourist attraction.

Burkill Hall

This distinctive colonial bungalow, built in 1866, was once home the directors of the National Orchid Garden. Over the years however, the hall has changed and now functions as a venue to host events and exhibitions.

Crane Fountain

The Crane Fountain together with the Tiger Orchid Fountain, are the main attractions among the orchid terraces that sit on this big three-hectare plot of land. But what really makes this place even more attractive is the tropical foliage, adding a generous dose of zing and vibrancy to the scene!

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