Clarke Quay Photos

Clarke Quay, one of the top nightlife spot in Singapore

Clarke Quay

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Clarke Quay, a dinning and entertaining nightlife spot, lined with cosy cafes, jazz bars, restaurants and shops

Row of shophouses along Clarke Quay

Old warehouses being converted into pubs, bars, restaurants and shops at Clarke Quay

A scenic view of Clarke Quay

Chinese New Year decoration at Clarke Quay

Chinese New Year decoration

What to see at Clarke Quay?

What's that? Make a guess

An amazing pub at Clarke Quay

An interesting pub

Riverside dinning at Clarke Quay

A cosy riverside dinning

Have a dinner at one of the Clarke Quay's dinning boat

Dinning boats

Alfresco dinning at Clarke Quay, along the bank of Singapore River

Riverside pubs and restaurants

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Chinese lanterns at Clarke Quay in celebration of Mid Autumn Festival

Lantern festival at Clarke Quay

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