Little India Street Scene Photos 3

Where to find cheap hair saloon in Little India: Dunlp Street in Singapore Little India

Cheapest hair cut in town, Dunlop Street

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Where to find budget hotel or hostel in Little India: Many cheap guesthouses, hostel and cheap hotel along Dunlop Street

Find cheap accommodation here, Dunlop Street

One of the cheapest guesthouse or hostel at Dunlop Street

Budget hostel, Dunlop Street

Church of the True Light: An old church at Perak Road in Little India

Church of the True Light, Perak Road

Kampong Kapor Methodist Church: A new and modern church at Kampon Kapor ROad in Singapore Little India

Kampong Kapor Methodist Church, Kampong Kapor Road

Things to do in Singapore Little India: Stroll along Syed Alwi Road to immerse in the architectural gems of Little India

Beautifully restored shophouses 1, Syed Alwi Road

Conserved shophouses along Syed Alwi Road in Singapore Little India

Beautifully restored shophouses 2, Syed Alwi Road

Architecturally intesting shophouses in Little India: Tour along Syed Alwi Road and Pertain Road

Beautifully restored shophouses 3, Syed Alwi Road

Art-Deco shophouses along Pertain Road near Singapore Little India

Unique Art-Deco-style shophouses 1, Pertain Road

What to see in Singapore Little India: Appreciate the architecture of shophouses along Pertain Road

Unique Art-Deco-style shophouses 2, Pertain Road

An architectural tour along Pertain Road to admire the art-deco terrace houses adorned with Chinese Art

Unique Art-Deco-style shophouses 3, Pertain Road

Where to see art-deco shophouses in Singapore: Pertain Road near Little India

Unique Art-Deco-style shophouses 4, Pertain Road

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