Zoo Itinerary for Family

I planned this zoo itinerary for family not only on paper, but also walked on the actual ground to be sure that the itinerary is practical and useful. You can rely on it as your navigation guide to go around the zoo.

By going through the itinerary, you would have a good preview of Singapore Zoo and a clear picture of what to expect when you visit the Zoo. 

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How to Use This Zoo Itinerary

Open the below itinerary on your mobile phone and follow the steps to go to each exhibit. Use the attached photos as a reference if you are not sure of which way to go when you come to a junction.

Full Day Zoo Itinerary for Family

How to use the above Zoo's navigation map? Follow the colour arrows in the following order: Pink -> Brown -> Yellow. 

9.30-9.45am Treetops Trail

Enter from here to Treetops Trail.

When you come early, the monkeys are there to welcome you and your family.

Your kids could easily spot at least one of the India Gharials just under the platform.

A rare chance to see two gharials so close by. All the while I thought there are only two gharials, in fact there are three altogether.

Go this way then turn left to White Tiger exhibit

9.45-10.00am White Tiger

You are just a moat away from the tiger

white tiger swimming
white tiger at singapore zoo

View video clips of White Tiger in action.

Take the right path to Tram station 1, then to Africa Penguin exhibit.

Enter here and take a right turn to Africa Penguin.

10.00-10.15am Africa Penguin

The penguin exhibit was a huge ones in the past. It was packed with various types of cute penguins. Take a look at the below video to see how lively they are in the pool.

Backtrack to here after seeing the penguins and make a right turn to the Shaw Foundation Theatre for the show.

10.15-11am Splash Safari Show at Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre

Among the four shows in Singapore Zoo, this is the most popular one. Personally I enjoyed this show very much. So, don't miss it while you are there.

Exit from here after the show to Keepers' Chit Chat at 11am.

11-11.15am Keepers' Chit Chat: Primate Kingdom 

Wait here for the zoo keepers.

Follow this way after the keeper's chit chat and turn right ahead to Elephants of Asia.

Enter here to the Elephants of Asia.

11.15-12.00pm Elephant Presentation Show at Elephants of Asia

Come here at least 10 minutes earlier to secure your seat.

This way up to the tram station 2.

12.00-12.15am Take tram from station 2 to station 4.

This way up the slope to Fragile Forest.

Use this entrance to Fragile Forest.

12.15-12.45pm Fragile Forest

You will be able to find many small animals like squirrel, lemurs, mouse deers, iguana, malayan flying fox, ducks etc inside the Fragile Forest.

View Fragile Forest video clip here.

After exiting the Fragile Forest, walk passed the tram station to Rainforest Kidzworld.

On the way to Rainforest Kidzworld, walk on the path (not on the main road) to see the Mandrill and Chimpanzee exhibits.

 Get down the staircase after the Chimpanzee exhibit, then cross the road to proceed to the Rainforest Kidzworld.

12.45-1.45pm Lunch at Rainforest Kidzworld KFC ( if not hungry yet, may swap the timing with wet playground)

1.45-3.00pm Rainforest Kidzworld Wet playground

Most kids will enjoy playing in this wet playground.

3.00-3.30pm Pony ride, stable, rabbit, buddy barn

Let your kid take a ride on the pony. The keeper will take good care of them.

3.30-3.45pm Animal Feeding: Goat feeding

Visitors are allowed to pluck the leaves and feed the goats.

Enter from here to the theatre for the animal show.

3.45-4.30pm Animal Friends Show at Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre (may end here and proceed to exit, or continue from below)

When exit the Rainforest Kidzworld, turn left to the Chimpanzee exhibit.

4.30-4.45pm Keepers' Chit Chat: Mandrill and Chimpanzee exhibits

There will be a zoo keeper giving a live commentary about the characteristics and behaviours of Mandrill and Chimpanzee.

Walk along the fence to see the next exhibit: Crocodilians.

4.45-5.00pm Crocodilians Exhibit

Follow the sign to the Tortoise Shelter.

5.00-5.15pm The Tortoise Shelter

Radiated tortoise.

Indian Gharial.

Go straight to Malayan Sun Bear exhibit.

Not easy to spot these two bears, unless you come very early in the morning.

5.15-5.30pm Free Ranging Orangutan Island

Free ranging Orang Utan boardwalk. View a video clip of Orang Utan in action.

Cross the road and go straight to the Gibbon exhibit.

5.30-5.45pm Gibbon exhibit, then exit the zoo.

One thing Gibbons can do better than us is that they can swing from here to there in a split seconds like nobody business. They are so proud to show off their skill as shown in the below video.

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