5-Day Singapore Tour Itinerary

Singapore Trip Planning Guide for Day 2

Day 2- Sentosa Island

You could theoretically spend your entire Singapore vacation on Sentosa Island and never run out of things to do, but since this is all about hitting the highlights and seeing the best of Singapore, one day will have to do for now. 

Sentosa translates to "peace and tranquility," and yes, you'll find plenty of that if you're looking for it. However, you'll also find plenty of thrills and excitement on the island.

sentosa luge

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Vacations are supposed to be relaxing as well as thrilling, and nothing says relaxation like the sound of crystal blue water lapping against the white sandy beach, while coconut trees sway in the gentle breeze. 

sentosa underwater world

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sentosa beach

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Tanjong beach on Sentosa is the best spot for relaxing on Sentosa Island. Silosa Beach is for the sporty types who like to play beach volleyball or work up a sweat, and Palawan Beach is great if you want to stay close to all the action, but Tanjong Beach is truly the embodiment of Sentosa's "peace and tranquility." More on Sentosa Beaches.

Palawan Beach

Siloso Beach

After you've had your fill of quiet relaxation, head back towards Palawan beach and grab lunch in the Koufu Food Court. This is your chance to try one of the "must-have" savoury Local Singapore Dishes. If you like seafood, try the Black Pepper Crabs. Otherwise, go with the Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Take a tram to Siloso Point and walk into Sentosa Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon. Plan to arrive in the attraction by 1PM, so you have a little time to wander around before the 2pm "Meet the Dolphins and Fu Seals" show. Watch Sentosa Underwater World Video.

Dolphin Show at Underwater World

Sentosa Underwater World Touch Pool

Also, as soon as you get into the attraction, head over to the Fish Reflexology spa and schedule an appointment for one of the strangest, yet effective, pedicures in the world. You'll dip your tired, achy feet (from all that walking you did on Day 1) into a pool of Turkish spa fish and let them literally eat away all that dry, flaky skin. Spas all around the world have tried to duplicate this experience, but the practice originated in Singapore, and no one does it better.

If you're the adventurous type, spend the rest of the afternoon at the MegaZip Adventure Park, where you can fly high above the tree canopy on a zip line. If you like the idea of adventure but prefer to keep your feet on the ground, check out Sentosa CineBlast. This multi-million dollar virtual rollercoaster gives you all the thrills of the real thing without the terror of actually plunging hundreds of feet to your doom. Get the 2-in-One Combo package and pay one lower price for both CineBlast and Desperados. More on other Sentosa Attractions.

Sentosa Attraction: Skyride

Suspension Bridge and Viewing Towers at Palawan Beach

Sit down for a relaxing dinner at Silk Road of the Sea on Palawan Beach. The neatest thing about this contemporary restaurant is that its menu is based on the places along Marco Polo's route from North and South China to Venice, back in the 13th century. Enjoy your meal, but be sure to finish up by about 7:30pm, as you won't want to miss Wings of Time. The nightly show combines pyrotechnics with water effects and lights to create a stunning display that lights up the night. More on Sentosa Newest Attractions.

Wings of Time

Wings of Time 2

Check out Hotels in Sentosa Island for the highly recommended hotels to stay in Sentosa.

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