Little India Street Scene Photos

Local indian come to Buffalo Road in Little India to buy spices and vegetables

Market place, Buffalo Road

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Where to buy spices, flower garlands and vegetable in Singapore Little India: Buffalo Road

Vegetable stall, Buffalo Road

If you walk along Buffalo Road in Little India, you will be amazed by the pile of vegetables stack along the five-foot-way

Mini-sized vegetable, Buffalo Road

Singapore local indian are friendly and easy-going, say hello to anyone on the street and they will return you a sweet smile

Another way of saying hello, Buffalo Road

What are the services and products that are available in Little India: This amazing shop have it all

More products and services upstair, Buffalo Road

Where is the best place to buy flower garlands? Buffalo Road in Singapore Little India

Garland stall, Buffalo Road

A colourful flower garland picture

Colourful garland, Buffalo Road

Where can you find muslim food restaurant in Little India? At the junctions of Kerbau Road and Race Course Road

Muslim food restaurant, Kerbau Road

Tan Teng Niah House: A historical landmark located at Kerbau Road of Little India

Tan Teng Niah House, Kerbau Road

What to see at Singapore Little India? A colourful Chinese Villa, House of Tan Teng Niah

Perfect match, Kerbau Raod

Singapore Serangoon Road is a major road in Little India that lined with shops which sell mostly Indian stuff

Serangoon Road, Little India

Shops that lined up along Serangoon Road: Jewellery, DVD, Indian costumes, vegetarian retaurants, Spices etc

Shophouses along Serangoon Road

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